How coffee quality is controlled

After the coffee hHow coffee quality is controlledas been planted, grown, the harvest of berries has been harvested and selected – it is ready to start its long journey to the consumer.

Green coffee is divided into uniform batches. Usually, they are first checked by visually identifying the number of defects in a 300-gram sample of a batch.

In most producing countries, experts determine the flavor characteristics of the drink based on the so-called Brazilian method, which consists in the fact that one to two teaspoons of coarsely ground light roasted coffee is poured with boiling water in a medium-sized cup. A teaspoon removes foam from the surface of the drink, and degus stators determine the aroma of the coffee.

When the ground coffee particles settle to the bottom of the cup and the temperature drops, the tasters taste the coffee with a spoon. Like sommeliers, wine tasters do not swallow the drink but spit it into the spittoon.

Buyers in importing countries will identify deficiencies and defects in the coffee consignments they buy in the same way.