How to make coffee in a Turk

Making coffee in a TurkMaking coffee in a Turk is probably the oldest and most famous way. It is not for nothing that there are many recipes and methods for making a coffee drink in a Turk.

To begin with, let’s analyze the basic laws of ideal coffee in a Turk:

1. Coffee should be selected freshly roasted, ideally dark roasted. It can be an espresso mixture, as well as mono varieties.

2. Grinding should be as fine as possible, into dust. It is necessary to grind coffee before preparation.

3. Choose only bottled water, such water will allow the coffee to open much better.

Recipe number 1 without sugar:

– First, heat a Turk on the stove.

-Add pre-ground coffee (proportions: 250ml turk – 2 teaspoons, 350 turk – 3 teaspoons).

– Pour water into the Turk up to the point where the neck begins to narrow.

-Put the Turk on medium heat.

-As soon as the coffee starts to rise, remove the Turk from the stove. And repeat these actions 3 times. Be careful, coffee can run away at any second.

– After the 3rd raising of coffee, the magic drink is ready, you can pour it into cups and enjoy.


Recipe number 2 with sugar:

– We warm up the Turk.

– Remove the Turk from the stove and pour sugar on the bottom (to taste).

– We put the Turk on the stove and wait for the sugar to acquire a light brown hue, but do not overdo it!

– Pour water into the Turk, stir and bring to a boil.

– Next, add ground coffee to your taste (from one teaspoon to 3).

– Don’t bother! As soon as the coffee rises, remove it from the stove. And so we repeat 3-4 times.

– Coffee is ready! Enjoy!