Three Cafesinho

Three cafes

Cafesinho – small cups of strong coffee – are traditionally brewed directly with sugar. We will do otherwise. And in one of the cups, add such a nutritious ingredient as Brazil nuts.

You need:

8 capsules Cafezinho do Brasil
brazil nuts
a couple of ice cubes
half teaspoon cane sugar
chocolate coffee beans (for decoration)

What to do:

Cup 1. Just pour the Cafezinho do Brasil espresso.
Cup 2. Place a handful of chopped Brazil nuts in the bottom of the cup. Whip the cream with six espresso portions (pre-chilled). Fill a cup with this mixture. The decor is chocolate coffee beans.
Cup 3. Cool the espresso with two ice cubes, pour into a cup and add cane sugar (if not available, you can substitute regular sugar).