This is the name of coffee makers in which coffee is prepared using steam pressure. For these coffee makers, special grinding espresso coffee is used (coarse grinding, pre-roasting of beans using a special technology). Such a coffee maker will brew coffee – cappuccino (this is coffee – espresso with milk foam). There is a special steam mode for frothing milk in coffee makers. You lower a tube with a nozzle (in common people – a cappuccinator) into a glass of milk, steam is driven through it under pressure, which makes the foam (in some DeLonghi coffee makers, milk is poured into a special tank).

The junior espresso machine brings all the water available to a boil in an airtight vessel (which takes about 2 minutes), and the water turns into steam. As soon as the steam pressure reaches the desired limit, the valve opens and water flows through the coffee tank. Such models belong to the so-called Steam-Espresso coffee makers (i.e. steam espresso coffee machines). These are coffee machines for home use, designed to prepare a small amount of a drink (about 2-4 cups). Due to the low pressure (approx. 4 bar), the brewing process is not very fast. At the same time, the water is clearly overheating: not 100, but 87-95 degrees Celsius is considered the optimal temperature for making coffee.

More advanced models belong to the category of Pump-Espresso (i.e. pump-operated espresso coffee makers). An electromagnetic pump generates a pressure (about 15 bar) in the boiler. Cold water is supplied to it from a separate vessel, which quickly heats up and passes through the coffee. The pump is equipped with a thermoblock that heats water up to 85-90 degrees.

Pump-Espresso class coffee makers brew the best quality coffee. This is due to the fact that it is kept at the cooking temperature. At the same time, for such coffee makers, coffee consumption is less. Water penetrates into the coffee under high pressure, so that it absorbs more nutrients. And, finally, such models are more automated, more convenient to use (for example, what is only a built-in coffee grinder or a self-cleaning system!), Not to mention the fact that coffee brews several times faster.

The price fluctuation for the 15 bar espresso model is proportional to the number of those pleasant little things that the coffee maker will be equipped with. It can be a tray for collecting leaks, a start-stop button, which allows you to interrupt the coffee preparation process. Most often, a double nozzle is supplied with a coffee maker, using which you can pour coffee into two cups at the same time. In the models of the highest price category, this mechanism is quite fine-tuned, but in cheaper coffee makers, the pouring into both cups is uneven. Therefore, they are equipped with a glass jug, similar to filter coffee makers.