Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker

How to whip milk at home


Use a cappuccino maker – a milk frother

The cappuccino maker helps to whip milk as quickly as possible and the principle of operation resembles a mixer. To make the froth correctly, heat the milk in a milk jug. As soon as you notice a light steam, remove it from the stove – the most delicate foam comes from a warm, not hot drink. Pour it into a tall cup if you have a manual cappuccino maker. While holding the whisk at a 45-degree angle, whisk the milk until it doubles in volume.

Now wait a minute for the large bubbles to disappear. Before pouring the air cloud into the drink, knock the bottom of the cup on the table several times. Bubbles that have settled on the walls will float up and the cappuccino foam will thicken.