How to make delicious French press coffee. Secrets.

How to make delicious French press coffeeFor brewing, single varieties of high-altitude Arabica are best suited. These are coffee beans harvested in one of the coffee-growing regions.

The climate, soil and other natural conditions give the monosort special and unique flavor combinations. Ethiopia’s Irgachiff chocolate gamut, the citrus flavor of Kenya AA, for example, the cigar hues of Costa Rica Tarrazu, the depth and playing aftertastes of Guatemala Antigua.

It is desirable that the coffee is freshly roasted. Ideally, no more than 10 days have elapsed since roasting. Then the magic, difficult to describe shades are preserved in coffee.

The full depth of the coffee range is fully revealed with a medium roast. The lighter the roast, the more fruity notes prevail and the less “bitterness” is felt. Accordingly, the darker the roast, the richer the coffee, with a predominance of bitterness.

The grind for brewing in a French press should be coarse. Espresso blends are the least suitable. The taste is likely to have excessive bitterness and astringency.

We decided on the coffee, then choose the water for brewing.

It is best to opt for bottled mineral water. The temperature for brewing should be no more than 85-90 degrees. The ratio of water to coffee is approximately the same – for 500ml of water, about 30g of coffee.

And now step by step:

– You must first warm up the French press;

– Fall asleep pre-ground coffee;

– Fill in half of the required amount of water. Wait a minute and fill in the rest. Wait about 4 more minutes;

– Slowly lower the piston all the way down.

Done! Pour into cups and enjoy.