Electric Milk Steamer Soft Foam Maker for Hot and Cold Milk

Milk frothers with a container are something like a teapot, into which milk is poured, and inside the bowl there is a mechanical whisk with a spring. This mechanical whisk is set in motion to whisk the contents. A hidden disc heating element is located under the bottom of the tank.

Typically, the main unit is mounted on a circular stand to which power is supplied. It turns out that it can be removed without a cord. The design is the same as that of ordinary kettles for boiling water.

The advantages of such cappuccino makers are obvious: he poured milk, chose the operating mode (usually with one click) and walked away, the device will do the rest and stop. They work very efficiently. Usually, all such devices have 3 modes:

Foaming and heating milk. This same mode can be used to prepare hot chocolate or cocoa!
Heating milk and other liquids. For lovers of lattes and other drinks without milk foam.
Frothing milk without heating. For cold milkshakes and the like. I draw your attention to whipping cold milk is always worse!