Braun KF7070 BrewSense Drip Glass Coffeemaker

About this unique coffee machine:

  • The Braun coffee maker guarantees pure coffee taste. It will taste best at the right cooking temperature and brewing time. You will get the most aromatic and high quality coffee.
  • You can brew a cup of coffee or a special container for several cups of coffee. There will always be great results.
  • You can also program the timer for the desired time. And voila – your coffee will make itself.
  • By the way, there is a clock on the control panel. You can watch the time from anywhere in the kitchen.
  • The 12 cups brewed coffee container closes securely. This will keep the smell of coffee away from the air.
  • Thoughtful design, sleek and elegant.
  • Easy access to control panel. Convenience in every movement. Also, this coffee maker has a water filter, so there will be an even more delicious drink.

You will get pure pleasure from using this coffee machine.

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